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Bumble is a dating app that helps connect couples by females messaging first! Bumble has over 10+ million downloads and is one of the top dating apps on both google and itunes. The app has numerous in app purchase for profile placements, match views, and options to message first. The app is developed by Bumble and is an app designed for dating, friend finding, or even finding business relationships. The app has full support team and is update regularly. The app is very easy to use and fun to work with. The app rarely crashes but asks for permissions such as using your camera, call information, and contact info. The app is totally free to use, but has options to extend profiles with in-app purchases. Other users both love or hate this app. This app can be found both on the google play and itunes store.

Find your perfect buzz..! The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

Bumble is a great way to meet your next partner, new friends, or business partners. The variety of options helps users really narrow down what they are looking for, but Bumble is really known for their dating side. Women message first is a huge asset for men, since most men swipe quickly to find their match and message first on other dating apps like tinder. This gives women an actual chance to engage with a male instantly. The short questionnaires also help bring out the users personality. We love the fact that user interface is simple, clean, and easy to use. Setting up a profile takes minutes, but finding true love can take some time!

The Bads:

We are always skeptical on how accurate these dating profile algorithms work. Men typically swipe left continuously to find a type of match, while women get matched quite frequently. To work these dating profiles really comes down to a science and we think paying to date local singles is a sham. Paying a huge monthly cost to be placed in a locals top profile selector seems like this app is only searching for in app purchase, rather than helping lonely singles find their perfect match.

The Chief's Review:

Overall this is a great app if you are looking to quickly set up a dating profile and search local singles now. We recommend having this app to test, but in our experience it seems like to really make the app work, payment is required.

Bumble's Summary:

Network, meet new friends, and of course... date local singles!

Bumble is one of the top dating apps on both google play and itunes.

It has never been easier to create connection, while using dating apps like Bumble. This app constantly monitors for respectful behavior and keeps standards to an absolute maximum. Doing so this app has gained of 30 million people who have used the app to find their sweethearts, business mentors, and new friends!