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Slide that Jelly!

Jelly Shift


Jelly Shift is a fun hyper-casual game that requires you to change shape of your character in order to run through obstacles!

Slide that Jelly! The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

This is a great hyper casual game if you love simple, easy to play games. The design is sharp and colorful and the game mechanics are super easy to use. Sliding is easy and the game is not hard to advance to next levels, or collect all the gems. There is even a fun spinner to win prizes like more gems or new character unlocks.

The Bads:

The game is pretty simple and not fully completed. There are bonus levels you cannot play yet and the character selection seems to pretty lack-luster given the fact you can only select different jellys. The game also has a ton of advertisements. Anytime you pass a level, you will see 30 second ads that are pretty annoying.

The Chief's Review:

Overall this is a great game if you love hyper-casual, easy to play games. We recommend this one to anyone looking to have fun sliding their jellys across hundreds of levels!

Jelly Shift's Summary:

Cute, fun, and creative game!

Can you slide your jelly through all the obstacles?

Unlock new characters, new modes, and much more!

Try today and play the top rated game on the appstore!