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First off, are you a snake or a worm in Our take at Apps Chief is that it's a snake. Why? Worms do not have eyes. That being said, your job is to eat other grow crazy long and score as many points as possible.

How Long is Your Snake on The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

This review is going to be a little biased as I am going to review it from the viewpoint of my 9-year-old son. Does he live Not really, but he will play it when there is nothing else going on, and we have to wait somewhere for an extended amount of time. He will typically give the game about 15 minutes max and is over it. When I have played it, it's easy to control, the snakes are slower, and it's easy to start to get longer. The ads after the game over are not so bad, you have to hit the X to close them out and get back to another game. I would say my son's favorite part of the whole game is the snake designer. He spends most of his game time actually changing out different color combinations, and trying new designs.

The Bads:

I had trouble playing on my Samsung S8. It seems my thumbs would cover up oncoming snakes and usually mean my untimely demise. The game seems slow, not as fast as some of the other games, I'm looking at you

The Chief's Review:

Overall may not be the world's best game, but hey, it's FREE! The ads are post-game and all basically full screen. Yet a 9-year-old can hit the "X" like a champ, so that's not so much of a problem. I would say it's best geared towards the younger crowd, even though some of the ads are on the edge of inappropriate. You can change up your snake all you like, so that's kinda fun. Overall, I'd say to download it and play for a bit. No harm if you play it and when you get bored, you can delete it off your device.'s Summary:

The Developer's Description:

Play against other people online! Can you become the longest slither?

If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it's game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains!

In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are!

Download now and start slithering! Good luck!


Developer Lowtech Solutions
Price Free
Contains Ads Yes
In-app purchases Yes