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Solitaire - Classic Card Game

Solitaire by Mouse Games


Solitaire - Classic Card Game The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

Classic card games are among our favorite. Who doesn't like spending countless hours shuffling through decks of cards? We love this classic card game for many reasons from the game play to the simplicity in design. The apps graphics are pretty standard compared to top developed apps. The simplistic graphics give it a simplistic feel that makes us love the game even more. We give this app a solid 4 stars!

The Bads:

The bad is pretty much every solitaire app on any web store is super saturated. You can find hundreds of these apps everyone, finding the perfect one is pretty much preference at this point. The game inst as shareable as most, and finding other players to share scares or times would be a nice feature.

The Chief's Review:

Overall we love this app. This is one of our top airport time killer apps. You can spend a few minutes or countless hours scavenging to get the fastest times.

Solitaire by Mouse Games's Summary:

This is the most popular card game in the world! If you like classic Solitaire, you're going to love this updated crisp version.

  • CRISP GRAPHICS - Keeping it classic while having an update feel. No neon colors or crazy art.
  • DRAW 1 OR 3 CARDS - Speed roads to classic draws, you set your own pace.
  • AUTO COMPLETE & UNLIMITED FREE UNDOS/HINTS - Do you need help? Poor you, you're in luck. This app helps you out!
  • CHALLANGE MODES DAILY - Stay updated daily with new challanges and modes.
  • TIME MODES - Pace to beat new scores!
  • VEGAS - Use classic vegas style scoring and cumulative scoring systems.
  • CUSTOMIZE - New face cards, backgrounds and more!
  • LEADERBOARD - Check out high scores and personal bests
  • EASY SETTINGS - Turn sounds on/off, multiple support, no network required and much more!