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Redfin: Big, Red, and Bold



For one of the hottest real estate apps on the market, you must check out redfin. If you’re listing or buying, redfin has everything you need to book an agent to find the perfect home.

Redfin: Big, Red, and Bold The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

You probably seen them promote their 1% agent listing fee, redfins marketing is top notch and it shows. Search homes with accurate MLS data, plan open house visits, search by schools they got you covered.

The Bads:

Redfin seems to be having issues with their searches and saved searches. Notifications come into your phone for homes that are not available or are not actually listed. Its definetly annoying when you’re searching for a home, and stumble upon nothing.

The Chief's Review:

Redfin is one of the best home apps to date. Listings are detailed and comprehensive. The recommendation lists are less helpful and needs some tweaking but overall a rounded out app.

Redfin's Summary:

Some of Redfin's most popular real estate features:

• Every 5 minutes, redfin updates direct for the MLS directory!

• Search for your perfect home, with save search criteria.

• Plan to visit your dream home with open house direct listings or your local redfin agent.

• Are schools a top priority? Search for the perfect school, with the redfins school filter.

• Schedule a home tour direct with a local Redfin agent.

• Get exlusive insights with Redfin's notifications.

• Share homes easily with family or friends.

• Get instant data on home prices!

• Save thousands when you list direct with a redfin agent.


*70% of new listings in US MLS feeds received by Redfin will post within 5 minutes.

**Savings vary by market and are dependent on several factors including the price of the property, the market minimum commission, and the buyer's agent commission. Representations of savings are not a guarantee or an offer from Redfin to provide a refund or savings on a specific property. Redfin reserves the right to make changes to the refund and savings calculation at any time while honoring all agreements commenced prior to any change. Refunds are not available where prohibited by law. The refund is subject to lender approval. If the transaction includes a short sale, additional restrictions may apply. The savings are not representative of Redfin partner agent transactions.