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Zillow: Find Houses for Sale & Apartments for Rent



Zillow is one of the more popular, if not most popular real estate apps when it comes to renting or buying a home. Search over 100 million real estate listings in minutes. Explore open houses, construction listings, and rentals within seconds. Zillow has everything when it comes to finding the right home for you.

Zillow: Find Houses for Sale & Apartments for Rent The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

Zillow is absolutely the best app when it comes to searching by criteria. Their criteria filter is spot on and saves hours finding the right home. Finding a broker is also easier than it looks, its as easy as clicking the right person and dialing right away. You’re able to add favorites and map out your weekend open house within seconds. We love this app and give it a solid 4.

The Bads:

The app does have a few issues such as irrelevant listings show up from time to time or their map functions glitching. Many users report that recent updates have caused several areas of the app to not run at 100% efficient. The map view is buried after endless scrolling through different sections.

The Chief's Review:

Over all the app is a great starter home searching app. We love this app for rental listings and searching for homes in your area. Although the map function seems to be glitchy at times, it does serve a great purpose. Mapping out homes and locating listings in the area is super easy and very efficient. We recommend this to new and experienced home buyers!

Zillow's Summary:

Check out hot real estate app Zillow’s top 3 features! Voted best by Zillow and their users!

1. Be able to searcher over 100+ million apartment listings and homes. Who says you cant find the perfect home within one app?

2. Find accurate data pushed directly from the MLS.

3. Zillow’s Zestimate is a great way to compare home values in neighborhoods!

Here are some more feature Zillow promotes:

• Use your device location to find local properties in your area. Be able to use custom maps and addresses to find the ideal property.

• Be able to find schools in neighbors or even grocery stores, parks, or coffee shops you’re keen on.

• Get instantly notified of any new listing that hits the market. You can even get notifications when price of properties drop and be the first to know what’s happening in your neighborhood.

• Find even more exclusive homes that are either foreclosed, pre-foreclosed, auctioned, or bank owned.

• Find shopping easier with mortgage calculators, rates, and customized loan options.

• Find local realtors and lenders within minutes.