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Facebook Messenger - Text and Video Chat for Free

Facebook Messenger


Searching for a messaging app on the google play or apple store can be a hassle. Not only are there hundreds of apps to search from, there are are hundreds of variations of them. Chances are you have downloaded Facebook on your phone, since it has nearly 1.7 billion mobile users. Facebook separated messaging back in 2016 and Facebook constantly updates it with new features like gif playback and new emojis. Check out our review below or download today!

Facebook Messenger - Text and Video Chat for Free The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

The messenger app has evolved over time and becomes a hallmark for its time. The ease of scrolling and simple user design makes it easy to use and functional. The app has numerous features like sending video, stories, and more. Even more!

The Bads:

The app does crash often on older android devices and does contain ads within the messenger. Sometimes you do get "ghost notifications" that drive you to open the app but once opened there are no notifications. It also is less popular among younger generations and tends to stick with an older demo. So if you're looking to messenger mom and dad, this is the app for you!

The Chief's Review:

Overall the messenger app is a great free way to message multiple people across the world. Being synced up with the largest social networking app in the world, its safe to say that Facebook has done a great job keeping up with other networks like Snapchat and WeChat. The Chief gives it a 4/5!

Facebook Messenger's Summary:

  • CONNECT WITH FRIENDS - No more phone numbers, simply send a message on any device! Your friends are waiting!
  • PLAY AMAZING GAMES - Discover new games, beat your friends on the charts, challange new friends today!
  • EXPRESS YOUR SELF - Add fun emojie, hilarious GIFS and more.
  • SHARABLES - Captures everymoment through photos and videos. Add certain filters and upload them to your stories!
  • VIDEO CHAT RELATIVES OR FRIENDS - Hanging out with families or friends just became easier with group video calls! Calls are free over Wi-Fi!
  • SEND YOUR VOICE - Text dont cut it? Just send a voice recording within secounds.
  • SEND QUICK & FAST (US, UK, FR only) - Adding debit/credit card to your paypal lets you quickly send money to friends, family, or any type of transaction.
  • LOCATION SETTINGS - Drop a pin and share your location. Easily navigate through a crowded world!
  • CONNECT WITH LOCAL BUSINESS - Find deals, connect with support, express opinions never became easier!
  • DROP THE PHONE PLAN - No longer do you need to text or call, facebook messange has it all :-)