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About Us

We Are Apps Chief, We Review Apps!

How it all started:

Apps Chief was formed from a couple of buddies sitting around a bar after a long day of work. As usual bar banter goes, they were pretty nerdy. Talk of how an app was draining the battery, and how one of the guy's son kept on getting prompted to buy more in-app purchases lead to the idea, we should really start a place that we can give the best and honest reviews to apps, to help people like us when thinking about downloading, installing and even sometimes paying for apps. Apps Chief was born! Then we ate some chicken wings and had a few more beers.

Your Phone Will Love Us

Whether you love playing RPG, casual games, or need a really good financial app, AppChief is constantly expanding to provide honest reviews to new and existing apps. We are looking to cover some broad segments of the market. Our straightforward review system will help you pick your next favorite app!

Apps We Love Made by Developers You Know and Some You Don't Know

We’re proud of our app selection and of the developers who make them. We love to spotlight the new and indy developers, as well as established developers that can bring the major titles. As we continuously expand, our site will contain the best apps in the industry. We review and select these with care, to showcase our users what is hot, safe, fun and what's not.

Taking the Lead

We pride our self by showing casing the best of the best! We’re constantly innovating our website to provide the best user experience, helping users find the best apps on the market. Listen, we are nerds. When not watching the Clone War series, geeking out on LOR, or playing some 2048, we are dreaming in code, and content. It's a labor of love, and we love it. Like and subscribe, because we are always on the move.

Thank you for your time!

L and J.