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Trulia Real Estate: Search Homes For Sale & Rent



Discover the perfect home of your dreams. Get a unique feel what it’s like to live in crowd sourced local insights, 34 neighborhood map overlays, and local stories and photos. Check out real-time MLS listings with the best search filters.

Trulia Real Estate: Search Homes For Sale & Rent The Apps Cheif Review

The Goods:

Truila is a great app for finding quick listings and homes in a searched area. Its simple and easy to use. Its awfully simple and provides a great user experience. Info is easy to read and access to realtors is simple as clicking their information. Photos turn out crisp and clean. You can find affordable homes within seconds of looking at listing prices, tax information and more.

The Bads:

Trulia has a many complaint from constant bugs to being completely unreliable at times. It seems to have issues with certain devices on not working or showing a few listings rather than the full list of available properties. Removal of listings and homes, or adjusting prices sometimes also becomes an issue. The app could be better but seems to waste a lot of users times through clicking criteria multiple times to find inaccurate details or listings.

The Chief's Review:

Overall trulia is a good app that shows basic listings in the area. It does have numerous features but struggles to update its user interface.